“Don’t be afrai…

“Don’t be afraid your life will end; be afraid that it will never begin.”
– Grace Hansen

I think this is what I should have been living by for my entire life.  I have always lived my life safely.  I have lived by the rules everyone has set out for me.  I never got detention at school, never got grounded, and was always the ‘good, quiet girl’.  Well I’m sick of it.

As of November, I will be moving to live in Australia for at least a year.  I will be working out there, meeting people out there and REALLY living out there.  And I can’t wait.  It does mean I have had to sacrifice some parts of my life.  Last night I ended my relationship with my boyfriend.  I hate that I hurt him and probably broke his heart, but for once, I need to be selfish.  If I don’t do this, I know I won’t survive another year.  Then he would be hurting more.  Sometimes it is just safer to be selfish.  In my case, anyway.

I am eventually learning to live for myself.


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