Awkward Lift Experience

I like to think of myself as the Queen of Awkward at times.

Today at work, I was in the lift with possibly the most beautiful Junior Doctor I have ever seen.  I was awkward for a number of reasons, like I generally am with all attractive members of the opposite sex.

1 – I got hit by the lift door in my rush to enter it;

2 – I then pressed my finger on top of his to hit what floor I wanted

3 – In an effort to make conversation with this GOD, I started talking about how nice the weather was, looking around like the lift was see-through and I could see the weather.  This was very awkward as the weather here is hideous at the moment, and…well the lift wasn’t see-through. He nodded a non-committal reply then left a floor before me.

I realise this is a completely shallow and girly post, but all my posts have been deep and depressing recently, and I don’t want to seem like a bore.  I do have a fun side, an awkward side.  I give patients hope and happiness for the situation they are in. 

Sometimes, I feel like my life isn’t worth living.  Then I realise the patients who I look after would give anything to have the life opportunities I have.  So I’m going to live.  I’m going to live by what one of my patients told me today:

“Don’t give a fuck about consequences, just do what you feel like you have to do”


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