Some people are pretty heartless…

I went out clubbing for the first time in ages last night.  It was a really busy night, and I was having an amazing time with lots of my friends.  However, at about 1am, a very drunken homeless man got thrown to the floor by one of the bouncers.  He hit his head hard on the floor, and started bleeding immediately.  He got up though, and started on the bouncer again.  The people outside on the street with me got out their phones and started filming it straight away.  I started towards him to try get him to calm down, but got pushed out the way by the bouncer myself.  It was getting absolutely ridiculous.  Way too violent for my liking.  Yes, the homeless man was being a bit of an idiot, but the bouncer should have ignored him. 

I went up to the bar and got loads of towels and ice, pushed past the bouncer and asked the guy to sit with me by the side of the road.  He agreed quicker than I thought, so I put pressure on the wound and called the ambulance.  He refused to get driven to hospital, but at least he was checked over by the paramedics.  I find it disgusting that the bouncers saw him bleed, and contacted the police, not the paramedics. 

I also find it disgusting that people thought it was more important to film the drama rather than step in to try and calm him down.  Yes, this man was riled up and probably off his face on something, but I can’t help but think what has caused him to take things like that, and act in a way that is so threatening to his life.  It’s just sad that no one else is really bothered.

What on earth is happening to the world?


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