This is going to be tough


I am not looking forward to leaving my sister when I fly to the other side of the world in 10 days. We have got so close, and just spent a fun weekend in Chelsea together.

I’m going to miss her so much. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that my dad treats her to a plane ticket for her Christmas present!


11 thoughts on “This is going to be tough

      • My anxiety is through the roof, but so excited! Not yet. Got to get it all sorted when I get out there, meant to be fairly straight forward, but I guess I’ll find out soon enough!

      • Yes exactly!
        I might start a new one, so my family and friends can follow it. Cant have them seeing this one! Plus it will be a much happier blog (I hope…)

      • Well much as your name says it seems you have seen the light.
        Well if you do I would love the link to the new one as well. I am sure it will be happier with lots of photos and possible a nice gentleman friend.
        You could keep this one for the bad days, or the (too) personal stuff. I use mine for everything, but I considered a second blog for sex stuff.

      • Of course I will! Oh god I need to work on getting wifi. I’m not ready to grow up yet!
        Good idea to keep this one going though. There’s bound to be times I want to write about sex or something inappropriate for parent!
        You should do that. Always fun to read about

      • Yeah, well a write about some of it, but it is passworded so only certain people can see it. Still, I think I may do, but this one might end up neglected and this is my first blog and I have grown attached to it.
        Decided if you will meet up with that guy in Sydney yet?

      • Oh I did notice some passworded entries. I am so nosy i tried to guess the password…
        Yeah it’s strange how you grow to love your first blog!
        We are still in touch, so maybe! Things have turned slightly more calm with us since I made it clear to him I’m a decent girl now ha.

      • Haha, well guys do have that on the brain a great deal. Oh did you really? What did you guess? I don’t think you would quite be able to handle what is in there.
        Shame you had a hard time here, you seem like a pretty decent person. Sorry for the rest of humanity being arseholes!

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