I am Thriving

It has been a while since I last wrote in this blog, and it is safe to say that a lot has happened.  I had been seeing professionals about my mental health issues, and it wasn’t working.  I used the NHS – although it didn’t help for me, I understand that they do help a lot of individuals – I saw paid professionals, and nothing seemed to be working.

I came across Thrive when one of my mum’s friends said they knew one of the consultants.  I was sceptical – how could something cure the demons I’ve been fighting for 6 years? However, after just six weeks on the Thrive programme, my problems had just disappeared.  I put in a lot of hard work, and was supported by my amazing Thrive consultant, Amy.  Over the six weeks, I could see all my past issues just fizzle away until they no longer defined me.  Yes, I have self harm scars visible, but they don’t define me.  Yes, I have been raped, but I am not a victim to it.

I am now going to do my training so that I can help other individuals who have been through similar struggles to myself, and hoping I can be the positive role model that people need to see how amazing life is.

See my video for a more indepth explanation about how amazing Thrive is: